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2019 Yunlin Science and Technology Industrial Zone Industry and Government Joint Exchange Conference and Achievements Exhibition

The early bird catches the worm, and the early-rising person has the chicken to eat. This time, We’re going to go out for an outing, and go to Huashan Jianxing ~ There are delicious chicken rice and soup!

2019 Taiwan Agricultural Special Products Exhibition

[World Trade Center-Taiwan Agricultural Special Products Exhibition] The holiday is boring, but I don’t know where to go when I want to go out? Uneedchicken came to meet you!

2019 Hope Square

【2019 Hope Square--UneedChicken】 We will meet you on 7/20 at Hope Square in Taipei!

2019 Taipei International Food Exhibition

This year\'s Taipei International Food Exhibition on June 19th to 22nd, we will be at the 1st floor of first Hall of Nangang Exhibition Hall J1004 Welcome all domestic and foreign manufacturers to come meet us~

2018 Baodao Letian Zhi 22nd episode Intelligent Chicken Farm

Yunlin Xiluo is a chicken-raising town in Taiwan, The local chickens created by the green farmers live in science and technology, and the feedings are all intelligently managed. The intelligent chicken house provides an automatic monitoring system that allows farmers to manage in the chicken coop, saving not only manpower, but also the introduction of traditional chickens into innovative equipment. Adding equipment to the processing of food such as chicken essence, and supporting the Agriculture Committee to promote the wisdom of agriculture 4.0 poultry industry plan, using flat feeding way, a small amount of breeding also allows the chickens to have more free space and produce better organic eggs.

2018 Yunling Fresh Chicken #Beauty IN Taiwan

From the breeding, we used one continuous process to control the whole chicken, and create delicious chicken dishes!

2017 Chicken are not caged, 「Juniao」 farm is certified by humane breeding

Juniao Ranch is the first chicken coop in the county that has passed the certification of humanity, production and sales experience. With automatic feeding and breeding in the whole field, the chickens can move freely on the ground and in the perch, which is more humane than the previous cage feeding, and fully meets the animal welfare regulated by advanced countries such as the European Union.

2017 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Yunlin

The internal focus of the entire Leadray District is to present the most traditional and exquisite lantern culture and spiritual imagery in the Taiwan Lantern Festival, just as Leadray has come all the way to focus on his own duty - to raise the chicken, Give the people the most healthy and secure ingredients. The modern light environment of the building\'s body is created like our new negative-pressure curtain-type pasture, which makes the chickens the most comfortable. Growing up in a constant temperature and constant pressure environment, it seems to live in a six-star technology mansion. The traditional lantern art in the entire lamp area is coordinated with the light environment. Just like Leadray has been inheriting the experience of chicken farming for many years, and at the same time, it is in line with the world, and the latest breeding technology is introduced to continue the efforts of Taiwan\'s chicken industry!

2016 President opens the world\'s eyes, Local chicken live in technology coop

With a new computerized controlled livestock farm, multiple sensors are installed in the field to automatically detect internal air quality and humidity. Adjusting the air intake and exhaust air volume of the water curtain, the chickens are not afraid of wind and rain, and can effectively stop the bird flu and create a \"six-star\" mansion for the chickens. A number of international certifications have been obtained at the rear end and the slaughter end, and many products that give consumers peace of mind have been developed on the food processing side to create food safety.

2015 Leadray livestock New year

The sound of guns sounded even in the sky, the happy year of the Year of the Sheep, the wealthy family, the three sheep, the Taikang Yongkang, Gong Just like everyone’s spring and autumn, and the sheep and goats are proud of the eternal years. The four seasons are good for the spring, the sheep year is prosperous, and the harvest is good. Happy New Year in the Year of the Sheep, Leadray wishes everyone Happy New Year 2015 Good luck every year~

2014 exhibition in Taipei

Starting from breeding colored chickens, inheriting more than 30 years of experience in farming. Developed to Taiwan\'s colored chicken one-continuous process company, From breeding, electric slaughtering, processing, and layer-by-layer control for consumers to strictly control. In addition to assisting in the improvement of upstream technology for many years, And invest in slaughtering and processing equipment to continue to provide \"professional safety, quality and health care, poultry and meat sweet\" all kinds of chicken-related products.

2014年Mother-in-law, how to choose a good chicken part5