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From origin to Your Table

From origin to Your Table, one by one.

Carefully selected from origin

Expert in Local chicken from Yunlin, Rich in experience and Scientific management.

Naturally matured

Fully aged breeding, Quality chewy meat, natural flavor

Hygienic electric slaughter

with third party of veterinarians who inspect the meat and the internal organs one by one, checking the hygiene and health of the chicken.

Professional processing

the manufacturing process has been certified by the national standard ISO22000 and HACCP.

Strict inspection

a consistent production process, checking every step by step, persistence to the quality to make consumers feel at ease

Easy to get on the table

innovative development and multi-value added

Native Chicken


About Us

Founded in 2004, started from breeding colored chicken and passed on more than 30 years of experience in producing it. Developed into Taiwan's colored chicken company with consistent production process, from breeding, feeding, electric slaughtering, processing, step-by-step are strictly controlled just for customer.

In addition to assisting the improvement of upstream technology over the years, and investing in slaughtering and processing equipment, we continue to provide various types of chicken-related products such as “professional safety, quality and health protection, and poultry meat sweetness”.

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